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I have been pastoring for 28 years, of which 22 were as a senior pastor. I understand the pressures, challenges, and joys of the ministry and the passion and drive to serve God and serve others. I operate a ministry called Total Life Pursuit (click here) and the Go Well Project (click here), a project of Total Life Pursuit. Be sure to leave your contact info below or call, text or email me so we can connect. 

I have several long-format workshops that I present:

  • Health Made Simple

  • Life Management 

I also have several lunchtime mini-workshops I present, including:

  • How to gain energy

  • How to reduce stress

  • How to lose weight

  • How to build your immune system

  • How to workout for lifelong fitness

  • How to exit survival mode and enter a state of thriving

  • The 5 principles of enjoyment

  • Living a balanced life


I would welcome the opportunity to speak at your church or ministry to bring hope and encouragement to people with the Word of God. My ministry may have specific focal points, but I have been preaching for 28 years and can speak on many subjects to bring God's Word in a fresh way.

Lastly – pastoral vacations. It is sometimes hard to leave your church for a short or extended vacation, and I can help by subbing in on a Sunday morning and helping during the week with pastoral duties if needed. My mission is to serve you as a pastor and the entire body of Christ.

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Terry Miller - 714.878.1117

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