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What's Driving You?

When I was in driver's training, back in the days of dinosaurs, some of the cars that were used had two sets of controls. There were two brake peddles, accelerators, and steering wheels. It was created for emergency use, but what if the instructor and the student wanted to go different ways at an intersection? What if one wanted to accelerate and the other wanted to brake? What if backseat drivers had a steering wheel? I suppose you will be able to control your car from an app in the coming days! It seems to me, and the schools, since they don't have dual-control cars anymore, that one person driving is better than two. Tim Hawkins has a funny video (find here) about a helper in the car. Comic relief. I think it is better to have one driver than multiple ones.

What drives your life? Who drives your life? We could all sing, "Jesus take the wheel…" but that is not what I am asking. What mission drives your life daily? Is it work? Is it ministry? Is it happiness? What mission are you trying to fulfill? Most people are on a mission to make it through the day. They are in survival mode. Some people live for weekends or vacations. What do you live for? We will all have a reasonable answer to this, but when you look at your life and honestly evaluate yourself, what are you living for daily and hourly?

There are so many competing voices within us trying to do our best. Working and making enough money to supply for the family is admirable, as is putting in long hours to do the work of the ministry. However, there are other things within us that demand attention. Our walk with Jesus, our family time, romancing our spouse, taking care of ourselves (if we have time), and dozens of other things pull us in directions that we may not want to go. We often answer the call that is the loudest at the time. One of life's conundrums often stresses us out, and we feel like we don't give enough attention to any important areas. How then do we live? Mission.

If we let our mission become our only driver, then what we have proposed to get done will have a much better chance of being completed. A life mission allows us to focus on short-term or long-term missions within the framework of our entire life. It corrects us when we are straying off the path and commends us when we sail to the appointed destination. Having a life mission creates a structure to insert everything we do. As we incorporate tasks into our life, we can see whether our foundation is meant for that weight. Creating a life mission is a freeing implementation that allows us to maximally enjoy life, impact others and leave a great legacy. Almost every business has a mission they stick to. Why don't we? The Go Well Project helps you create or identify your life mission. You can also get the Starting Line Manual to aid you in ascertaining your life mission. Living by mission, not with mission, will enable you to live how you were designed and gifted to live.

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