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Is this program for pastors, leaders, and non-profits only? 

          No. Anyone can go through the program or participate in a workshop.


What is the daily or weekly time commitment? 

It depends on you and how aggressive you want the changes in your life to be. The minimum commitment it will take to be impactful is 5 hours per week once you begin your fitness routine.


How tech-savvy do I have to be to participate? 

          You must have enough savvy to navigate the website and play videos.


Do I have to watch all the videos? 

The videos are provided for education and encouragement. We encourage you to go through them in a timely matter as they will stir your thinking within the two main focal points of the program


Who will be my coach? 

          Terry Miller, the creator of Go Well Project, will be your coach.


How do you design the workout/movement plan? 

 I take into consideration many factors and design the program for your success. This means that you are not overloaded or overburdened by too much movement or complex exercises. In addition, I evaluate your current fitness level, fitness knowledge, availability, equipment access, and a few other factors and design a program that will be the perfect fit.


Could you coach a group of people together through the program? 

Not really. Everyone would need separate coaching sessions. If everyone would agree to be open about their health, then we would be able to have a group session for the health coach, but life coaching is an individual application.


What is life coaching? 

Coaching is a conversation that empowers a person to produce insights and awareness that will lead to the desired result for the client. Coaching works because the coach brings out the best in you by active listening, asking questions, and facilitating learning while letting you lead. I believe that you can create your best answers and best action plan, so I invite you to evaluate, reason, imagine and decide how to implement your strategies.


What is health coaching, and what does it include? 

Although a health coach does include some aspects of life coaching, such as self-awareness and critical insights to get to the desired result, it also has more education and encouragement. For instance, you will be asked to track your food intake, reviewing that intake during our health coaching sessions. You will still be the one building strategies to implement, but I offer more guidance on the best tactics.


Do I have to join a gym to do the workouts? 

You have to move. God made our bodies to move, and we all want to move well for our entire life. To attain that, we must purposefully move. You can move in a gym, at home, on a farm, or on a court. Movement is an essential part of this program.


Why is there any cost at all? 

The value of this entire program is $1600 per person. We are asking for each participant to pay $200 to create buy-in and give another reason to finish the program. If you cannot pay the $200, please write us and tell us what you can pay. We never want money to be the barrier to this life-changing program.


How strict is the eating plan? 

That all depends on you. You are the one who will decide how you will eat. I provide guidance through suggested foods, but you are the one who decides how strict you want to eat.


Why don’t you give us a meal plan? 

Although meal plans work wonderfully for those who stick to them, my philosophy is to teach people how to eat by giving them different options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. You will create your meal plan using the food suggestions I give you and what is available to you.


How important is it to have my family, who lives with me, onboard? 

Nearly every research paper ever written on the subject on successful life change concludes that a component of cooperation by those around raises the success probability. You can certainly go it alone, but if you do it with family, you all will be better for it, and it will be easier to change your eating lifestyle.


What happens after the ten weeks are over? 

After our last coaching session, you will be given another worksheet to create a self-care plan. The questions on the worksheet will provoke you to create a plan that will work for you for the rest of your life. After the 10th coaching session, we will schedule one more session to go over the self-care plan that you have created.


What is the cost for additional service after the ten weeks are over? 

This will depend on your ability to pay and what services you would like. Generally, for the people who graduate from the program and want fitness programs or additional coaching sessions, those things average $40 per session or program.


How will I know how to perform the workout moves correctly?

There are instructional videos available, and we are working towards a 3-second loop that is individualized for every movement.


Is there a virtual personal training aspect of the program? 

You can enjoy 1 or 2 – 20 minutes sessions throughout the program to access your form and ensure you are correctly performing the workout.


How important is it to work through the workbooks? 

Vital! The workbooks are the roadmap to the program. They create a place for you to think, ponder, evaluate and dream. They also help you get to your destination through a linear process of building blocks to help you live your mission and create a lifestyle of physical health and fitness.

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