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The Go Well Project centers on bringing whole-person well-being through the avenue of physical health and its connections and life management.

Physical health has an impact on all of life, including total well-being. Your physical body includes your brain, which connects mental and emotional health.

Life management doesn't just bring your life into balance. It ensures that the important things have first place in your life. This gives you enjoyment and satiety of well-being to share with those around you.

The Program

The program will formally last 10 weeks. The client will have ample opportunity to work through the two different TLP manuals. The 10-week length includes five Life or Executive Coaching sessions, which is an acceptable amount of time for people to make significant headway toward the series goals. It also consists of five health coaching sessions and, if the client desires, online fitness training sessions. At the end of our ten weeks, we have one more coaching session to celebrate the wins and develop a sustainable future self-care plan. Below are the highlights of this life-changing project.

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Step By Step Process summarized

  • Initial consultation of Terry

  • Order materials

  • Schedule the first coaching session

  • Begin to work through one of the workbooks

  • Begin to watch the videos

  • Coaching sessions begin

  • Fitness programming and online sessions

  • Tracking of intake begins

  • A meal plus plan is given

  • Self-care worksheet is given

  • Self-care coaching session

Highlights of the Project


  • Complete 6-week Total Pursuit Physical Health Training

  • Complete 4-week Total Life Pursuit Starting Line (mission and life planning)



  • If possible, I meet with the client in person on the first and last day.



  • A 45-minute health/life coaching session per week                   

  • 3 personal training sessions


Online video access

  • 11 Physical Health Training videos

  • 9 Starting Line (Life Mission) videos

  • All TLP fitness videos

  • All TLP health videos



  • Writing 3 fitness programs

  • Writing 2 meal plus plans             

TLP Physical Cover.jpg

There is this idea that the Jews call a Sabbath. (Actually, God said it first). The simple principle of the Sabbath for the body is resting. The Bible says that everything needs a rest. It is engineered into many systems of this planet and its life forms. A day off is not just a good idea. It is a necessity to live healthy and whole. I know that activity junkies may want to be in a state of thrill during their rest day. However, this too elicits an adrenal response. So let's think about real rest, something enjoyable that could be recreational but doesn't cross the line into an intense thrill. With that brief introduction, let's think about the different ways you rest and enjoy life…or don't.

This is a life-changing, self-paced manual to help plan your life with intentionality where you will go deep, make necessary choices, mobilize your strength, and use effort to see the change you want to see. Whether you are going through this solo, with another person, or with a group, don't let yourself slip into the, "I've gotta' get it done," approach where you are answering questions as fast as possible to complete your assignment. You will get out of this what you put into it. Enjoy the process. Take your time. Set up a daily appointment with yourself. You are worth it and it will pay more dividends than most things you do.

TLP Life Planning Cover.jpg

Life Coaching

Coaching is a conversation that empowers a person to produce insights and awareness that will lead to the desired result for the client. Coaching works because the coach brings out the best in you by active listening, asking questions, and facilitating learning while letting you lead. I believe that you can create your best answers and best action plan, so I invite you to evaluate, reason, imagine and decide how to implement your strategies.


Life Coaching and Executive Coach are the same thing. They both empower the person to fully live out your purpose and help you through the nuances of that purpose. Christian coaching adds in the elements of God's revelation, understanding, and wisdom throughout the process. It considers that God has a call and a mission on each of our lives and empowers us to align ourselves with His purposes under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Cost of Go Well Project

We understand that pastors, ministry leaders, and non-profit employees make little compared to the general workforce. Because of that, we fundraise to ensure that finances do not inhibit anyone from going through the project. The actual value of the Go Well Project per person is $1100. Because of the partnership of some generous financial donors, the year 2022 has a minimal cost.

Suggested donation is $200 - 

If you cannot meet this donation amount, please get in touch with us.


We are excited to be translating all of our materials into Spanish for the Spanish-speaking world! Your extra $100 donation will fully sponsor a Latin American pastor, so their cost will be zero!

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Bringing Change

Donations and sponsorship play a huge role in our ability to provide Go Well Project at a minimal cost. We need partners like you to keep this project affordable. There are two ways you can give to make a significant impact. The first is to sponsor a pastor, ministry leader, or non-profit leader. You can give towards a specific person or organization or give to sponsor a pastor or leader that you don't know. The other way to give is in direct support of Total Life Pursuit, the organization that created the Go Well Project. You can find out more about Total Life Pursuit here.

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