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Why We Do It





> Burnout


A healthy and fit person who will finish the race well


Live life with your complete life mission in view



Jesus' burden is light, and His yoke is easy. Whose burden and yoke are you carrying?

Imagine a life with:

Enough energy to do the work you are passionate about and have more than enough for your family.

Using your finite amount of time to do the things that produce the results you want and an enjoyable life.

Feeling healthy and well in your soul

Having a marriage on fire (in a good way) and kids that know they are your priority.

Anatomy of Pastor/Leaders/Non-profits

Christian ministries, churches, and non-profits have something in common.

  • People work for the mission and not for a paycheck.

  • People tend to overwork and burnout because of the sense of mission.

  • The important work is never done… enough to relax.

The typical pastors', ministry leaders' and non-profit worker's life is:

  •  Overcommitted – Hurried – Stressed  

  •  Days off are busy, and it seems like there isn't enough           time

  •  Vacations, if taken, are short.

  •  The rejuvenation is short-lived.

  •  Puts all their heart into the organization

  •  Works long hours with great purpose

  •  Self-sacrifices over and over for the mission

Too often they meet Mr. burnout, Mrs. unhappy spouse, neglected children, and their medical doctor or psychotherapist.


It is time to pump the brakes and live our lives differently without forsaking the mission.

Your life mission is more important than your organization's mission.​

If long life is in wisdom's right hand (Prov. 3), then working yourself to death isn't in God's plan.

The Benefits

Benefits of Life Planning – Mission focused living (not ministry focused) Stress reduction – the ultimate time management tools -  less anxiety – greater focus – More enjoyment of life – freedom from the tyranny of the urgent – family is prioritized – attaining mission goals

Benefits of Physical Health - Feeling good – waking rested – energy throughout the day – able to concentrate better – producing more – working more efficient – Enjoying good health – Being fit and able – mentally balanced – more emotionally regulated – less medical cost – less lost work time

Benefits of coaching – Developing plans, strategies, and milestones for your future and being empowered. Understanding what it takes to get to your desired future.

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