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I Need Energy!

The alarm goes off, and the day begins. The problem is your body isn't ready for it. You aren't rested, and you know it. You turn on the coffee, and you enjoy your cup of joe until the caffeine kicks in, and your body finally responds with some umph. Now you can at least start your day with some energy and try to create some inertia. The problem is that your energy wanes in the afternoon something fierce. You are out and need a nap. There is nothing wrong with a nap, and it can be beneficial. After the nap, you are ready to go, sort of, to finish out the day. At home, you crash yet again with a small list of to-do items still left on your plate. Can I ask you a question? In this scenario where most of us have lived, is your body important?

Not only is the body the temple of God, but it is also what carries us throughout our day. When our energy is low because of lifestyle, disease, stress, lack of sleep, anxiety, and depression, does it affect how we minister, work, and live? The obvious answer is yes, but we still have trouble finding the motivation to take care of our bodies and place them as a fundamental priority. So many Christians and ministers have the uncanny ability to demote the body into a category of "not that important" as they struggle to summon the energy to do the very work they have a high value upon. Many factors go into having energy for your day from the time you wake up until you wind down at night, but the number one thing we have to correct is our philosophy or theology of the body.

The very life God gave us came when He "breathed" into our bodies. Surely we can all agree that the body carries the soul and spirit and therefore is at least as important as an airplane you take on a mission trip. The trip's focus is not the airplane ride; however, there could be a big problem without the aircraft staying in the air. First, if the airplane never takes off, you don't get to where you are going. Second, if the airplane crashes, well, you can create your own ending to that scenario. We don't want to emphasize the airplane, but we don't want to neglect it. It needs even more attention as it gets older, so it takes you to where you want to go.

God has given us this amazing wonder. It is filled with His glory. The nuances are nothing short of incredible, and science has not yet explored them fully. Our bodies are remarkable, and it is time to elevate our physical health to a place appropriate for our life mission. Our bodies are vital. When we don't have energy in our bodies, it affects our brains, which are a part of our bodies. Our brains affect how we think, interact with others, create, emotionally regulate, and perform a million other functions. Your body can be a big blessing, or it can be a hindrance. The first thing you have to do is elevate it to a priority level that is fitting.

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Just discovered your blog, Terry. Love this! 😊

For decades I found it so ironic that Christians, of all people, did not see the disconnect between unhealthy bodies/diets and our Christian life. As ones who understand we are created in His image and our bodies are a temple for the Spirit, shouldn't we, above others of no faith, be stewards of His creation? I watched as pot lucks and gatherings among believers were junk food and sugar fests and was even chided by a teacher for not wanting my 4 year old to have candy at her Christian pre-school at 10:30 AM.

It always seemed so ironic to me.

Anyway, just wanted to say "amen" and kudos!

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