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When The Going Get Tough....

After a long trip, I am back into my groove. I was on a long road trip and returned to another long weekend trip with my son and family. Driving a travel trailer across America was a new experience, as was being consistent in the things I have proposed in my life. Working out and taking care of my health is one of the several things that are vital to my life. Driving for six hours a day and being in different campgrounds daily made things challenging to say the least. As the Billy Ocean song quotes, "when the going gets tough, the tough get going."

I didn't wake up every day and think, I can't wait to work out and meditate. My thoughts were more like, let's get out of here and to the next destination! Whether with my Bible reading, praying, breathing exercises, or working out, I have a motivation that won't fail me. I have written in my heart, things that I want to be and things that I want to accomplish. With all the power of my God-given volition, I decided to be fit and healthy for the rest of my life. So, when I didn't feel like working out, about 80% of the time on our 6000-mile journey, I did it anyway. Sometimes I did a short but challenging workout. This was coupled with eating healthy, sleeping enough, and finding rest at different places. This isn't the only thing I purpose to do, but it is one that so many older adults in their 40's+, don't purpose. I have studied and understand the vast array of benefits that come from being healthy and fit, and I am determined to enjoy those benefits!

Take, for instance, playing with my grandkids in the sand at the beach. It is truly satisfying to build sandcastles with tunnels, burying them in the sand, and creating mermaids with my cute little granddaughter Dakota as the mermaid. I did this after a morning of surfing with my son and his friends. All we have to do is think deeply to come up with motivations for us to change our lifestyle and develop one that will usher us into the future of our dreams. We have done it with work, ministry, learning, and growth in other areas of life! Let's do it with this one, our bodies. We have to quit thinking that it is hard. It is not hard, and it is a decision that begets many choices. I decided to love my wife 37 years ago, and now I make small daily choices to carry out that decision. It is the same with your health.

You have what it takes. You can choose and use your strength and effort to accomplish your intention. God empowers you to make decisions that benefit you and others. You will never leave the doctor's office feeling terrible when they say you are as healthy as an ox and super fit. More than that, you will never regret being able to play with kids as long as you have breath. Make the choice of health. Choose to be fit and able. Enjoy the lasting fruit you will create because of it.

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